How to Choose your Wedding Florist (Part Two)

Caroline HodgesWedding Advice

Following on from my last post about narrowing down your search for your wedding florist to a shortlist of 2 or 3, I’d like to share with you some of the most important questions I’ve been asked and give you a little insight into the process of booking your perfect florist match.
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Now you’ve got that date in the diary, what can you expect from your consultation?
#7Having a cuppa.
If you would like the works (personal flowers, ceremony flowers and reception flowers) allow for a 1 – 2 hour chat to be able to cover everything. 
Bring along as much as you can to help the florist build up as vivid a picture as possible of how you see your day panning out. Take any dress fabric samples, photos, stationery, and of course any mood boards you’ve created (either on Pinterest or good old-fashioned paper). These visual aids are invaluable.
#8 The Key Questions.
Make a list beforehand of your most important questions. Here are a few I think are essential: 
Who will be creating your bouquets/arrangements? Do they have a team or work solo? 
 Will they be doing any other events that day?
 What suggestions do they have to create your dream look within budget?
 What will the delivery and set up process be?
 Do they ask for a deposit to secure the booking?
 When will they need your order confirmed?
 When will the final balance be due?
 Do they have vases and props you can hire? If so, is the hire price included? Do they charge for breakages? 
 Will they collect any hired items? Is there a charge for this?
#9 Be Realistic
Remember, if you have a budget, make it clear. You don’t want to fall in love with elaborate arches and installations if they are going to be way out of your budget. A good florist will be able to suggest alternatives to keep that spreadsheet looking healthy and your fiancé happy! 
#10 The Quote.
During your consultation the florist will scribble down all the information he or she needs to put together a detailed quote for you. If you know exactly what you’d like this should be nice and concise. If you discussed dozens of ideas, however, your quote could be pretty lengthy! 
It should be itemised so you can pick and choose the items you want to save or splurge on to find that balance of filling your venue with your dream blooms and sticking to budget.
#11Decision Time.
I refer back to #1. Go with your gut. Which florist is going to meet (and hopefully exceed) your expectations? 
Which one has given you the confidence to tick flowers off your to-do list, ensuring you can now relax, knowing you will be blown away by the beautiful flowers you designed together? 
You’ll know when it feels right.
Happy planning!
Caroline x